Mac Sabbath, along with tour mates and always neighborly Okilly Dokilly and the ultra-masculine opening act, Playboy Manbaby, brought “The American Cheese Tour” to Trees in Dallas Friday August 8th.

Ourselves (Rockwell & Melissa #MischievousMel Anderson) and all who were able to cram into the packed venue were treated to nearly 4 hours of parody, comedy, great music, and even a lil’ learnin’. For a little while, we were able to escape the negative the world has thrown at us to simply laugh and rock out.

Enjoy the following pics of all three bands, including Playboy Manbaby’s very own “Surfer Steve”, and stay tuned for on camera interviews with Mac Sabbath’s manager Mike Odd and Okilly Dokilly’s “Head Ned“, both coming soon.

Written by and pics by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

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