California’s socially and politically charged all female punk three piece, The Damed, have dropped their debut self-titled album to universal praise from fans and absolute shock from their adversaries. Fronted by guitarist-vocalist Heather Hellskiss, bassist Suzanne Slade and drummer Watts Yoshizawa, the angular stricken guitar riffs soaked in chorus and fuzz feed the brooding driving bass lines that weave between the tom-ridden disco punk surf beats. The sarcastic, aggressive lyrics are thrusted at you like knives while still maintaining a comforting catchy melody.

The Damed write songs about feminism, equal rights and is fueled by angst caused by the Trump administration and their complicit allies. The album consists of 8 original songs that are as much Sonic Youth as they are Sleater-Kinney with Bikini Kill rocking the boat.

“We are very excited to release this album into the world! Political, social, and queer politics are important now more than ever in this dark climate. Our songs have 1 main common theme and that is to stand up for what you believe in, even if you are in the minority. Never let you voice be suppressed. There is great power in that. We also offer songs about love, loss and living in this digital age. We think most people can relate to these anthems and the negative effect it has on us both mentally and physically. We want to continue to expose the wrongdoings of the world and keep on fighting the good fight while offering a bit of hope and release thru our lyrics and riffs.”

The Damed’s debut album dropped on June 28, 2019 via A Diamond Heart Production (Dashgo Distribution). The record was recorded by Manny Nieto (The Breeders, Health, The Soft Pack) at Total Annihilation Studios and was mixed and mastered by Vanessa Silberman (The Kills, Ramonda Hammer, Wavebreaker) at A Diamond Heart Production.

Expect to hear a lot more from The Damed in the coming months as they take this battle cry of an album to the uneasy masses and throw it in the faces of those in power.

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