Irish artist and producer Uwmami will drop her new mixtape, entitled Uwmami Presents: Summer Series, August 30.

The mixtape is a collection of songs released one by one, every Friday during the months of July and August. All the songs were curated, produced, and mixed by Uwmami, utilizing different Irish vocalists on each track.

Uwmami says, “The main goal of the project was to create an alternative Irish time capsule, melding together the styles of some of the most interesting and exciting voices in the burgeoning scene into a genre-bending summer experiment. These include Rogan, Omo Aston, Kaoimi, Bonnie Spencer, Eiffe, Chahyld, Aaron Everything and AweSimon. The cover art was done by Nonzus Magnus.”

Based in Dublin, Ireland, where she’s studying sound engineering, Uwmami is not only fearless, but innovative as all get-out. Her sound, referred to as “industrial phase hip-hop,” blends pop, indie, alternative and trap components into stripped-down music drenched in nascent leitmotifs, at times attended by filtered vocals.

In the past, she’s collaborated with Paye Fox, Nxbody, Murad, AweSimon, Eiffe, and Kings Gift, yet continues to join forces with artists worthy of note. Her previous releases include a bevy of singles, along with two EPs, Summer Syrup and N.U.N.D.

Summer Series begins with “Six Drinks,” featuring AweSimon. The track opens on almost keening synths riding a hefty trap beat, as AweSimon’s dreamy-lite flow infuses the lyrics with creamy sing-song flavors. When Uwmami’s distinctive voice enters, the music takes on tighter textures.

From a subjective viewpoint, highlights include “9254 Dreamers,” featuring Aaron Everything delivering a tasty flow rife with delicious nasal savors, vaguely reminiscent of Prince. The melody blends alt-pop, trap, and R&B flavors into a polished banger.

“Stargaze Interlude” features CHAHYLD, whose filtered metallic tones ride atop an industrial nursery rhyme-like melody, akin to a dreamscape suffused by eerily oscillating synths. On “Ametrine,” Kaoimi’s gorgeous timbres ride a simple, muscular groove capped by almost tender orchestral accents. This is a great track – evocative, velvety, and elegant.

“Strawberry Kisses” features Bonnie Spencer, whose prompt flow fills the lyrics with smooth R&B aromas, along with a scrumptious rap-lite delivery full of melodic surges.

Uwmami Presents: Summer Series is excellent, demonstrating Uwmami’s gift for minimalist hip-hop, infectious rhythms, and shifting sonic motifs.

Uwmami Social Links: Instagram | Spotify | iTunes | Twitter | SoundCloud

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