Singer-songwriter Rob Alexander recently release “When I’m Gone (for George Michael), a song from his debut album, Long Road Coming Home.

Written the day George Michael passed away in 2016, Alexander says, “The melody came to me almost immediately, and I wanted the song to ask the questions we all wonder…what will people think of us and say about us when we pass away?”

Alexander, a physician anesthesiologist, has written songs most of his life. Of late, he felt the urge to record his latest songs. Working with L.A. producer Gabe Lopez, Alexander recorded his debut album, Long Road Coming Home, along with his forthcoming sophomore album, slated to drop in early 2020.

Alexander describes his music as adult contemporary, a blend of soft rock and pop, with emphasis on melody. Musicians appearing on “When I’m Gone,” include Gabe Lopez (keyboards, bass, guitars, drums, percussion), Robbie Angelici (acoustic and electric guitars), Kevin Taylor (acoustic and electric guitars), Rick Keller (saxophone), and Brian Brigham (backing vocals).

“When I’m Gone (for George Michael)” opens on an elegant piano topped by Alexander’s affluent voice, rich and full-bodied. When the percussion and bassline enter, along with sweeping strings, the tune takes on resonant flavors and radiant textures reminiscent of Elton John.

The tasty drawl of an oozing organ leads into a tight blues-flavored guitar solo, infusing the tune with melancholic nostalgia, as Alexander’s dulcet wistful voice glides smoothly overhead.

“When I’m gone / What are the words they’ll write / Will all the acts of kindness guide me in this final flight / And when I’ve passed / That day will come to light / When I’m gone / When I’m gone / Dry your tears / Don’t give a mournful sigh / Share the feelings you express / But hold off asking why / And with that said / The rules do not apply / When I’m gone.”

“When I’m Gone (for George Michael)” is elegant and gorgeously wrought, full of poignant sonic textures and the delicious tones of Rob Alexander.

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