Indie-rock singer-songwriter and producer T.J. Doyle dropped “Ancient Wind,” his latest single not long ago. The track features Doyle’s distinctive vocals, along with Tim Pierce (guitar), Lance Morrison (bass), Phil Parlapiano (cello, viola, violin), and David Raven (drums).

Currently living near the Angels National Forest outside L.A., while growing up Doyle moved around a lot, living in five different cities before he turned 10-years-old. Doyle defines his music as a medium to “help people make sense of themselves and the world. That is my prime directive with my music and lyrics.”

Doyle and his band have toured throughout Southern California and large portions of North America, performing at renowned venues such as The Whiskey and The Roxy, while simultaneously placing songs at the top of the charts, including hits like “Anonymous” and “Unconditional,” as well as attaining the paramount spot on Radio Indie’s Top 40 Chart, with both “Everything” and “Living In Our Dream.”

With his retro-flavored sound, harking back to the ‘60’s, and his inimitable voice, often likened to Neil Young, Doyle’s tasty musical concoctions deliver authentic tantalizing savors completely unlike the pop-rock presently ruling contemporary playlists.

“Ancient Wind” opens on elegantly shimmering guitars flowing into an indie-pop-rock melody suffused with creamy SoCal colors reminiscent of early Eagles, Poco, and America. Layers of soft gleaming textures interweave, forming a beautiful tapestry of sonic surfaces, undulating and sinuous. The measured rhythm rides a mellow yet cavernous bassline and finessed percussion, imbuing the tune with a cashmere progression, both charming and alluring.

Doyle’s deliciously nasal tenor glides on velvety tones overhead, infusing the lyrics with tantalizing wisps of devout timbres. It’s a wonderful voice full of subtle nuances and vibrant luminous sonic gestures.

The combination of thrumming resonance, glowing jangly guitar luster, and Doyle’s elevated tones fills the song with burnished grace and lingering coruscations.

Gorgeously wrought, “Ancient Wind” decants scrumptious rolling hues riding a rhythm rippling with drenching energy, as the voice of T.J. Doyle provides the focus.

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