Just moments ago, indie-folk singer-songwriter Resurrection Fern dropped a new single, entitled “Savannah.” The track is from her forthcoming EP.

According to Resurrection Fern, “This track means more to me than anything I’ve released before. Partially, because the songwriter is a close friend and I am humbled he entrusted me to share his art with the world. This is also the first time I’ve felt more personally connected to a song written by someone else than I am with my originals. Since I know the inspiration behind the song, and I love my friend very much, I have a larger cause than just myself in sharing it with the world.”

An active participant on Twitch.tv, Resurrection Fern is one of the innovative artists augmenting the reach of their music outside of small venues. Her channel on Twitch.tv is in the vanguard of digital artistic expression, allowing fans to tune in and watch/listen as Fern performs live, and become involved and connect on a personal level.  She is able to speak with members of the audience throughout her performance, answer questions, share anecdotes, and talk about her inspirations. Her online community is known as the “FernFam.”

Last year, Fern released her community-funded debut album, Beyond the Trees, to excellent reviews, and has just finished her second album, recorded at Station West Studio in Nashville. The album’s release is imminent.

“Savanna” opens on a delicate elegant guitar flowing with gleaming textures and resonant surface colors. Fern’s crystalline voice, soft and tender, yet penetrating, infuses the lyrics with mellow warm savors, silky with polished timbres. Just of tinge of tasty Southern inflection envelopes Fern’s tones, imbuing the lyrics with elusive hues.

Gentle percussion adds a tantalizing rhythm, as the creamy, glistening harmonics stream overhead.

With “Savanna,” Resurrection Fern delivers a gorgeous, quixotic tune, full of subtle sonic filaments, crowned by Fern’s sumptuous voice.

Resurrection Fern Social Links: Website | Twitter | YouTube | Twitch

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