Detroit, Michigan indie-rock outfit ATMIG released a new album, called Wishes, not long ago.

The band’s name – ATMIG – is an acronym for “after the money is gone.” Made up of Tobias (vocals, guitar), Julia (vocals), Dave (drums), and Phil (bass, cigar box, octave mandolin), ATMIG’s sound amalgamates elements of indie-rock and shoegaze, as well as hints of folk, into delicious dream-pop textures.

In 2017, ATMIG released their debut EP, Trip, featuring the lead single, “Trip,” followed by dropping Wishes, at the beginning of 2019. Both the EP and the full-length album were recorded at Soundscape Studios, in Royal Oak, Michigan, and pressed by Jack White’s Third Man Pressing.

Encompassing 13-tracks, Wishes begins with “Intro,” opening on a slightly discordant guitar flowing into a gleaming dream-pop melody topped first by Tobias’ voice, followed by the entry of Julia’s luminous tones. There’s a palpable pressure to this track, filling it with edgy imminence.

From a purely subjective viewpoint, highlights on the album include “No One’s Home” traveling on a chuffing guitar rippling with taut textures. The harmonic combination provided by the two distinct voices, Tobias and Julia, imbues the lyrics with shiny sonorous colors. “Trip” moves on a driving rhythm laced with rockabilly relish. The vocal harmonies on this track exude a yummy, buoyant glow, infectious and alluring.

“Dictaphone” starts with gentle glistening guitars seguing into layered streaming flavors, giving the tune pop-lite coloration coalescing with tinges of velvety folk flavors. “Pail” blends creamy indie-rock savors with dream-pop ambiance, as jangly guitars instill the harmonics with actinic hues full of shimmering accents.

The title track opens on crunching drums, along with a vibrating bassline, imbuing the rhythm with a concise, pared beat. I love the brilliant sonic textures from the children’s choir, infusing the tune with joie de vivre harmonies.

“Whale” travels on darker, heavier colors, low-slung and measured, as Tobias’ voice injects the lyrics with grave timbres. Stridently echoing guitars suffuse the tune with superb burnished colors, impregnating the music with turbulent emotions.

“Outro” mirrors “Intro,” only flowing on more ascetic colors, as Tobias’ nostalgic voice is complemented by a sparkling piano, infusing the tune with an optimistic elegance.

With its synthesis of flavors, indie rock, folk, and dream-pop, Wishes delivers captivating melodies, gorgeous sonic coruscations, and harmonies of piquant beauty. Wishes is well-worth attention because of its unmatched creative originality.

ATMIG Social Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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