Tattoo artists tell you why you shouldn’t get a tattoo. Do you agree? (Comment below.) Today our tattoo artist go over reasons you shouldn’t get a tattoo. From emotional decisions like love and humor, to physical reasons like sunburns, getting pressured, cleanliness, or even going to the wrong shop. Let’s see what the professional tattoo artists have to say. Check out Inked Magazine for more tattoo lifestyle videos.

Artists in this video:
Carlos Torres:
Anali De Laney:
Lisette Martinez:
Kevin Boudreau:
Sara Fabel:
Guy Aitchison:
Mark Wade:
Bobby Cupparo:
Teej Poole:
Pony Lawson:
Courtney Raimondi:
Alexandra Fische:
Ruben Barahona:
Joe Smith:
Nikki Simpson:
Yomico Moreno:
Steve Butcher:
Dave Paulo:
Chris Meighan:
Stefano Alcantara:
Bror Wensjoe:

Do you have a bad tattoo that needs to be fixed? Let us know in the comments!

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