Patron premieres “Duro,” on Tattoo. The song, from his latest EP, My American Dream & Colombian Fantasy, is remixed by Clips X Ahoy into a potent Latin hip-hop banger.

Originally from Colombia, and now living in Coachella Valley, CA, Patron recently signed with Latin Grammy nominee El Dusty’s Americano label. Patron’s unique sound amalgamates elements of Latin trap, reggaeton, hip-hop, and cumbia into dynamic concoctions rife with sumptuous seductive tones and galvanizing rhythms.

Essentially, Patron’s sound fuses Latin savors with Western beats, i.e. it’s rooted in two different cultures. The combination of flavors is compelling.

In the beginning, when he was 16-years old, Patron started out doing freestyle while at parties, followed by laying down tracks for original songs. Since the cost of buying beats was exorbitant, Patron purchased a drum machine, creating imaginative beats. Later, he established a personal studio, laying down tracks one step at a time. Realizing he needed to get involved in every aspect of music, he attended college, where he majored in design and marketing. Afterwards, he started his own record label in Colombia.

In an interview with Vice’s Mariana Garcia, when asked what defines him, Patron tellingly replied, “Love. Because without love there is nothing.”

“Duro” opens on creamy sparkling colors flowing into an intoxicating Latin groove flavored with hip-hop and cumbia textures, as Patron’s velvety melodic tones glide overhead on rapping-lite flows of delivery. Resonant background harmonies add both thick and luminous textures, thus expanding the tune’s sonic dimension.

Compared to the original version of “Duro,” Clips X Ahoy’s remix exudes more low-slung punch, deeper darker hues, and pronounced hip-hop infusions, giving the tune a sensuous aura, along with tight muscle. The swank and sensuality of the remix inject the song with magnetic pulsing energy.

“Duro” is excellent, full of suave rapping flow, infectious rhythmic pulsations, tasty harmonic shifts, and the tight alluring tones of J. Patron.

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