Alternative pop/R&B singer-songwriter May Devun releases her new single, “Say The Words,” on November 8, the first of a series of tasty songs to be released beginning in the New Year.

Explaining the song, Devun says, “Say The Words is an introspective journey. It’s about acknowledging your truths – who you are, and where you’re going. You’re not a stepping stone, so free yourself, and don’t let others define you or your purpose.”

With her enchanting melismatic voice, Devun mesmerizes by taking a single syllable through numerous notes.

Devun describes the effect, “I use it strategically, so there’s emotional value in every note.”

After writing the song, Devun recruited Patrick Warren on strings, along with Matt Chamberlain on acoustic drums to infuse the music with her conception.

Prior to “Say The Words,” Devun hooked up with producer/mixer Mark Needham, who has worked with Imagine Dragons, The Killers, and P!nk to remix “We Walk Alone.” From there, Devun and her sonic colleagues moved on to record “Say The Words,” enlarged by means of additional instrumentation.

“Say The Words” opens on a resonant elegant piano full of dark tines flowing into a marvelously potent rhythm, thumping with brawny heft. Shimmering, streaming strings envelope the tune in gossamer tones, rife with dripping tones.

Devun’s voice, deliciously sonorous and oozing with wicked melismatic colors, infuses the tune with smoldering sumptuous textures, gleaming yet unrelenting with secretive savors. A descending breakdown shifts the harmonics to pause, and then advances into dark, simmering surface hues crowned by Devun’s exquisitely vibrant and portentous voice.

There’s a sepulchral feel to “Say The Words,” a tangible energy exuding a psychic aura of lethal passion, as if pregnant with mysterious invocations brooding over yearning need.

“Say the words / That you mean / Say the words / Say them to me / Truth, it hurts / But always / Opens every closing.”

Wow! May Devun delivers the goods on “Say The Words,” a scrumptiously beguiling song enhanced by Devun’s remarkable vocal control.

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