Moments ago, ICON the Great introduced the music video for their debut single, “Back For More.”

ICON the GREAT formed when Big Wave hooked up with Tripper in an effort to produce untarnished visceral music, hard-hitting and fun.

Commenting on the song’s genesis, Tripper says, “We both came in with clean slates of our musical pasts and laid down what felt natural and exciting. We crushed a case of Miller Lite, talked, hit record, and let what happen happen.”

“Back For More” merges hefty alt-rock signatures with ‘90s rap, a process Big Wave describes: ““We write it, produce it, make the artwork, get our friends to help with videos and pictures, and if you want to come along for the ride then be our guest.”

It’s a raw, potent sound, groundbreaking in its amalgamation of old-school rap spice and contemporary yet distinctive alt-rock aspects.

The duo explains the convergence of genres, saying, “The best part about music in today’s climate is the line between genres is dissolving quicker than ever. Fuck what you listened to in the past. ICON the GREAT is here for everyone to let their demons out no matter where you’re from.”

“Back For More” opens on stuttering brawny tones flowing into a cavernous bassline, galvanizing synth textures, and sensuous backing harmonies. The vocals, enflamed with tight burnished timbres, smolder with heat and electrifying resonance.

Deep blaring groans imbue the tune with supercharged dynamism, as spiraling accents add sizzling sonic hues. A gleaming breakdown, chockfull of sonorous tones, shifts the harmonic flow and then ramps back up to muscular throbbing trap surfaces.

The video generates pulsating get-up-and-go via fluctuating almost kaleidoscopic effects, as Tripper and Big Wave invest the visuals with surging gusto. Highlighted by blue and red shimmering lights, the images change with oscillating effect. The quintessential shot in the video is the vintage white Lincoln Continental.

ICON the GREAT definitely has is going on! The combination of sonic elements engenders deliciously powerful layers of hypertrophic oomph.

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