Terence Tait has been tattooing for 15 years. He has two studios – one in Canada and the other in Australia. He got his start with a traditional apprenticeship in his hometown of Hamilton Ontario Canada.   He loves connecting with clients, tattooing in different countries, and meeting artists at conventions and guest spots. “It’s the best job in the world. My sponsors supply some of the best products in the industry.”

How would you describe your style?

Universal. I do it all, more or less.

How many tattoos do you have?

Bodysuit- I am covered- very little left

Most interesting/funny/awkward tattooing experience?

Interesting all clients have their story, a recent one is I’ve been working on a client for 15 years he is very dedicated, almost all work on him is by me

What is one of your pet peeves as a tattoo artist?

I work in a very sterile environment I can’t stand messy Artists

If you could tattoo any person in the world, who would you choose?

There are many and I’m lucky enough to know most of them. I’ve been tattooed by Tim Pangburn- that was cool.

Besides tattooing, what are you passionate about?

Art, music – ex-drummer, gardening, animals, travel, food.

Tell us about your shop/studio – what can a client expect when they walk through your doors?

I have 2 studios on opposite sides of the globe United under one brand: Ink.Ur.Bod

My Canadian studio is fairly new just opened this year it’s very big, clean and pretty cool we want clients to feel relaxed and our Artists to be able to work and enjoy their environment, it’s sort of Japanese and Egyptian at the same time, we have 2 massive fish tanks, art by our Artists and myself…a dedicated waiting area, fireplace, and a browsing area for clients to look at work, grab ideas. This shop has a black and gold Timberwolf logo. This is Ink Ur Bod Tattoo Company

The Australian shop in Cairns is very modern – the theme is blue, flash walls, super clean glass set up, booths more open, waiting area separated by a glass door, also with a dedicated browsing area for clients- Located in the heart of Cairns (called Cairns Ink Ur Bod tattoo company). A Black and Blue Timberwolf is the logo for this shop

Any advice for aspiring tattoo artists?

Work hard. Really commit. If it’s not for you, then leave it. Don’t just do it for money, be a lifer, and understand that it really changes you as a person and as an artist. Be open to learning and growing, I feel I’m still a student and always will be. Always remember there will always be artists better than you.  Do you- the best that you can. Work on your craft! I am obsessed. In my world, there are no holidays! I am lucky enough my wife gets it, she works with me. Balance is important in everything.

What’s the best way to book an appointment with you?

Instagram or Facebook


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