Boise, Idaho singer-songwriter and visual-DIY-artist Storie Grubb recently released The Void Struggle, the latest in a nonstop outpouring of self-produced albums. In 2019, he dropped one album per month for twelve months.

According to Storie Grubb, “Now that I am finished with my 12 albums in 12-months project I am focusing on live music again. We will be performing at Treefort Music Festival, have a few local shows set up and a spring tour is also in the works.”

Storie Grubb’s sound amalgamates lo-fi, indie, folk, punk, and garage rock into tasty musical concoctions akin to the Violent Femmes, Flaming Lips, Talking Heads, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nirvana, and the Breeders, among others. He’s shared the stage with Built to Spill, The Meat Puppets, Caustic Resin, and Giants in the Trees, just to name a few.

Explaining his musical evolution, Store Grubb says, “I grew up using cassette tapes to create music in my mom’s little garage in the mid-’90s. Dubbing back and forth between two tape-decks until I had these long, strange, epic, noisy masterpieces that only I could understand. Fast forward 20 years and I’m still at it. Except now the music has become more poignant, more tight and just …more! The little bedroom in the basement has become the new ‘garage’ when I can write and record on my own, where I feel free to be a dreamer again.”

Encompassing a dozen tracks, The Void Struggle commences with “Shine,” opening on edgy industrial rock effects flowing into a folk-rock melody flavored with punk-lite and garage rock tinges. Storie Grubb’s slightly reed tenor infuses the lyrics with tight wistful tones.

“They don’t like you yeah so what’s new / Besides you have proof, and you don’t suffer fools / It’s okay to imagine why we climb up here to die.”

Highlights on the album include “Hold Me Down,” a delicious fusion of alt-rock, hints of alt-country, and dollops of reggae. The result is surprisingly contagious music that worms its way into your ears. “Washing Away” conjures up memories of Nirvana unplugged, exuding grungy, twangy garage rock accented by a delightful drawling heaving motion, as Storie Grubb’s laid-back voice rides overhead.

“Winter Garden” rolls and undulates on alt-country savors, exuding a Roy Rogers’-like harmonic flow merged with quirky Quentin Tarantino relish. I love the cantering cadence of the rhythm topped by scrumptious sing-song intonations.

“Truce” travels on grunged-out guitars radiating dirty lo-fi garage rock grinding colors. Fat and dark, the harmonics rumble as Storie Grubb’s wonderfully fed up voice relates his outlook on “the truth.”

“Save us from the truth / There’s no use in having proof / The evidence is mute I’m sleeping on the roof / I’m dishing out the juice.”

With The Void Struggle, Storie Grubb delivers wonderfully wrought, original tunes full of diverse sonic flavors and his cap-a-pie delectably anarchic voice.

Storie Grubb Social Links: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Youtube

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