Apache Rose, an indie-rock outfit from Moscow, Russia, recently released a new single, entitled “Tiny Love.”

The musical project of Ilya Novokhatskiy, Apache Rose utilizes a rotating cast of musicians. Far from the trend of many Russian bands, Apache Rose appeals to an English-speaking audience.

While living in the U.S. as a child, Ilya became mesmerized by American and British rock music, followed by the grunge sound coming out of Seattle. These influences found their way into his music, merging ferocious ‘90s-flavored guitars with prodigious choruses, gentle bridges, and fierce, scorching guitar solos.

Describing the song, Ilya says, “Our debut single ‘Tiny Love’ is an aggressive (in a good way), feel-good song about failure and perseverance.”

In an interview with Gig Radar, Ilya explained his songwriting process.

“We always write the music first and then the lyrics. That way the music provides the emotional fuel for lyric-writing. And often words just come out of my mouth being driven by the song. The first lines of ‘Tiny Love’ are “My tiny love is not loud enough” is actually a reference to Soundgarden’s song “Loud Love” and the Stone Temple Pilots’ album Tiny Music. That’s the ‘90s channeling through me.”

“Tiny Love” opens on a fat slapping bassline and tight guitar riffs riding potent drums and then flows into a surging rock melody topped by wicked vocals infusing the lyrics with bewitching timbres, both tumescent and insistent.

“My tiny love is not good enough / You wouldn’t want to touch it / Even with a glove / When push comes to shove / You won’t get enough / Of my tiny love.”

Stuttering, skiffing guitars give the bridge cool suave textures, prior to the guitars ramping up to snarling tones. A blistering guitar solo takes hold, imbuing the tune with sonic muscle. After the solo, the harmonics descend to a shimmering breakdown topped by Ilya’s warm tones and then ramps up to growling resonance.

Raw, searing, and muscular, “Tiny Love” discharges the sizzling dynamics of Apache Rose, full of palpable, relentless, visceral momentum.

Apache Rose Social Links: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube

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