Just moments ago, Toronto artist Delyn Grey released her new single/music video, entitled “Battle,” a song from her forthcoming EP, Disappointment Girl.

A song about depression, Delyn explains where “Battle” came from, saying, “When I turned 17 I fell into the heaviest depression, ever.  I chose to take advantage of it, and what was trying to break me. ‘Battle,’ among other tracks, is the product of my resistance, acceptance, and fight during that time. Vocalizing my frustration, fear, and anger is what eventually got me through it. My hope is that this song will find people that need it, just like it found me.”

A trained pianist, self-taught guitarist and former choirgirl, Delyn grew up in a musical family, surrounded by the music of Elvis, The Beatles, Elton John, and David Bowie. When she discovered Amy Winehouse, Delyn’s love for music took on a fervent new heat, as well as a probing honesty and vulnerability.

Essentially, Delyn journeyed deep down inside, into the subterranean depths of her being, exploring what was underneath the scar tissue, and then shared it.

The effect was galvanizing: “It’s just done amazing things for my relationships with everyone — my family and friends, even people I meet for the first time at shows who come up to me and say, ‘That really spoke to me.’ Those comments mean so much more now. When I truly gave myself over to the music, everyone else got it. And I understood myself a lot more. It’s such a relief to get all that stuff off my chest. I feel like I went to therapy.”

Now she makes bold daring music.

As Delyn puts it, “I want to make music that’s fearless. I don’t want people to hear it and think I play it safe.”

“Battle” opens on a starkly melancholic piano topped by Delyn’s elegiac tones. A measured rhythmic pulse enters, imbuing the tune with tight tension, as Delyn’s voice takes on urgency and searing resonance.

A piano-filled breakdown heralds the final climactic elevation of the music, adding supercharged visible sonic disturbances of dark gravity and emotional pain.

The video, shot in unadorned black and white, complements the chilling pressure of the music, portraying the sudden eddies of a titanic affecting struggle.

Full of full-spectrum raw, bleeding ache, “Battle” surges on ferociously dark colors, poignant lyrics, and the passionately stunning voice of Delyn Grey.

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