Connecticut alt-rock/alt-country artist Seneko, aka Stan Olshefski, released a tasty five-track EP, called Soul Numbers, recently.

Seneko’s sound, described as “country meets Radiohead” and “brings to mind the whimsy of the Gin Blossoms,” ranges from Americana to power pop to alt-rock, but even though his sound has changed and developed over the years, his primary influence is the Jayhawks.

According to Seneko, “The first time I heard the Jayhawks “Blue” I was floored and dug into their past. Then later on the power ballad “Trouble” – off Sound of Lies – one of my favorite songs. Period. It’s the melody, the hook, the truth that shines through their vaguely abstract lyrics. Their whole body of work – even my least favorite – is relevant and resonates. Also the fact that they never got super-famous. I certainly get that, yet they drive on with their art to this day though in their 50s.”

In 2016, Seneko debuted his self-titled EP, followed by True Dimension, a collection of indie-pop songs. His latest EP, Soul Numbers, was recorded at Farmland Studios, in Nashville, Texas, and released via the Orchard. Right now, Seneko is working on an unadorned rock EP, tentatively slated to drop spring 2020.

Soul Numbers features Olshefski (lead vocals), Jon Conley (guitars), Tim Denbo (bass), Dave Racine (drums), and David Dorn (keyboards), along with backing vocals by Kendra Chantelle, Nicole Boggs, and Maureen Murphy.

The first track, “The Devil You Don’t Know” travels on bluesy alt-country flavors atop a fat bassline and crunching drums. Seneko’s delicious voice, slightly drawling yet rich and flavored with low-slung timbres, infuses the lyrics with oozing textures. I love the creamy, radiant vocal harmonies on this track, reflecting gospel colors.

While all the tracks are wonderfully concocted, favorites include “Jenny’s With Irene,” a pop-laced undulating alt-country tune with dripping vocals and soaking wet viscous harmonies. “Lost On Me” rides a smooth soft alt-country melody rife with ‘60’s rippling surface hues, cool and velvety. A softly braying organ adds cashmere colors, as a tasteful yet glossy guitar solo imbues the tune with throaty resonance.

“One Hot Shot” features subterranean tones, low and thick, as Seneko’s voice rolls ominously overhead. Once the tune takes on harmonic form, jangly guitars provide hoarse growling tones, giving the music gooey dynamics.

On Soul Numbers, Seneko dishes up generous dollops of scrumptious alt-country savors, both tantalizingly alluring and delectably yummy. Seneko continues to produce excellent music.

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