Meet Cami Petyn, the Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist who just released her debut single, “Static,” a song about dealing with anxiety.

According to Cami, “’Static,’ was birthed while having an existential crisis one night. I was panicking about the future, knowing I wanted to pursue music, but at the same time being full of such extreme self-doubt and anxiety. To say it lightly – I was an anxious wreck that night. Until, I decided to try to write about what I was feeling as a form of catharsis. And thus, a couple hours later, ‘Static’ was born. Quite beautiful poetic irony that this is now my debut single as an official artist.”

With a sound described as the “lovechild of Amy Winehouse and Billie Eilish,” Cami’s fresh new sound blends dark pop colors with edgy electronic beats, along with lyrics probing significant subjects such as self-acceptance, personal growth, and mental health.

Cami says, “My music to me is turning pain into power.”

Prior to releasing “Static,” Cami began as a YouTuber, with her “Supreme Banana” channel, posting humorous videos about being a vegan, as she attempted to “veganize” fast food. She’d go into fast-food restaurants and make suggestions about what vegans could eat off the menu, as well as talking about vegan-approved beauty products. She dressed in all black, listened to metal music, and eschewed any hint of phoniness.

She discussed her anxiety and how it resulted in being introverted, talking freely about coping with it. Her popularity soared. On a whim, she started voice lessons and learned how to play guitar. Turns out she’s talented and has an excellent voice.

“Static” opens on shifting, oscillating synth tones flowing into a hefty, dark rhythm riding a thumping kick drum and cavernous bassline. Glowing textures top the harmonic muscle, infusing the tune with delicious complementary sonic layers.

Chock-full of R&B flavors blended with stylish alt-pop savors, the melody oozes and undulates on viscous surfaces. Cami’s voice, rich and strong, exudes striking inflections, giving rise to creamy glamorous timbres, simultaneously atypical and sensuously alluring.

“Static” is excellent, full of balanced harmonic layers, a potent, contagious rhythm, and the delightfully inimitable voice of Cami Petyn.

Cami Petyn Social Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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