New York pop/hip-hop artist MonClaire recently released a trio of singles, including “Chosen,” featuring the talents of PLAY NICE and Keante Rodriguez, “Another One,” and “Bruce Wayne.”

Working with producer Ryan Weezna, the 24-year-old rapper recorded three dope bangers chock-full of stylish tight flows. MonClaire has shared the stage with Kirko Bangz and Trill Sammy, along with performing at the Goo Goo Dolls “Music is Art” Festival.

MonClaire grew up listening to Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dogg. The diversity of influences resulted in his unique sound, which injects pop relish into scrummy hip-hop, as well as introducing velvety melodicism to the hooks, along with an intuitive ability to perform adlibs while laying down the tracks.

Talking about his creative process, MonClaire told Buzz Music, “I personally don’t like to think that creating songs are challenging. I believe it’s a natural form of art and a way each person gets to express themselves. Each person gets to develop a different meaning to the track when listening as well. I love writing and recording so, personally creating music isn’t challenging.”

“Chosen” opens on droning synth tones riding rasping percussion flowing into a tight and right groove – a fat bassline and thumping kick-drum. A chopsticks-like piano infuses the tune with strident luminous colors, adding another layer of coloration. Smooth, radiant vocal harmonies back MonClaire’s rapping tones, encompassing spitting delivery and sumptuous R&B textures. On the hook, PLAY NICE and Rodriguez strut their tasty vocal talents.

“Another One” rides menacing colors atop a hefty kick-drum. Twin layers of sound, one tense and gleaming, the other low-slung and beefy imbue the tune with hard-hitting oomph. Hints of pop-flavors give the song an infectious allure, amalgamating both vibrant pop energy and thick muscular trap impetus.

“Bruce Wayne” features deliciously braying sleazy tones from an organ traveling on a measured yet potently dense beat reminiscent of the ‘90s. MonClaire’s machine-gun rapping flow injects the lyrics with dark, powerful inflections. Even though the harmonics are ramped up and emanate a filtered glare, the final result exudes hypnotic magnetism.

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