Indie-rock outfit Mother Yeti released a new album, My Best Please, just a short time ago.

My Best Please is almost a solo effort from Bill Tracy, the band’s frontman. Exceptions include the title track, with Zachary Calkins on keyboards; “Push The Weather” features Cooper Trail on keyboards; and “Wanted It Funny” has Jim Rizzuto on drums.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, in a little town in Idaho, called Moscow, Mother Yeti came to life in Boise, Idaho, when two high school friends started jamming together. Over time, the band has expanded into three to five pieces, contingent on a variety of circumstances. The band’s sound proves difficult to categorize because they aren’t locked into one particular ‘style.’ Instead, they roam around the musical spectrum, blending rock, soul, Americana, and psychedelia into music they like. And if they like it, they hope most other people will, too.

Essentially, Mother Yeti is an old school rock band with an inclination to experiment.

Encompassing 12-tracks, My Best Please commences with “Someones Happy,” opening on a driving drum fill flowing into potent guitars atop a shifting melodic flow, as Tracy’s dulcet high tenor infuses the lyrics with tasty flavors blended with quasi-Queen-like vocal harmonies.

Highlights include “Graceful Space,” traveling on a measured rhythm supporting dreamy, almost psychedelic, coloration vaguely reminiscent of the Beatles. Floating, sparkling hues imbue the tune with streaming prog-rock textures, akin to a trance.

“Roller Blade Shades” delivers Minneapolis funk savors suggesting Prince, as Tracy’s tight falsetto infuses the lyrics with snug piercing tones. “Push The Weather” rides slowly undulating jazz textures with hints of funk merging with psychedelic filaments, drifting on wavering washes of color.

“Sober Head” features dark grungy guitars segueing into a fusion of edgy tones, quaking and trembling with jazz-laced dynamics capped by grimacing vocals, akin to Cobham covering Nine Inch Nails. The last track, “Fim,” changes things up, riding low-slung symphonic shimmers pervaded by gently emerging sonic inflections, psychedelic and softly coruscating.

With My Best Please, Mother Yeti creates powerful, imaginative music, full of tantalizing experimental flavors and innovative rhythms.

Mother Yeti Social Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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