Roots reggae artist PicStitch release two new tracks recently – “Don Dadda,” featuring the Reggaestra, and “Ram Dancehall.”

A Grammy-nominated producer, PicStitch has worked with artists such as Sizzla, Half Pint, Mighty Diamond, Trilla U, George Nooks, Lukie D, and Daddy U Roy. Picstitch began making a name for himself as a reggae artist with the release of “King,” “Excited,” and “Pick up the Pieces.”

“Ram Dancehall” opens on a silky roots reggae groove, imbued with a cool one-drop beat, skiffing guitars, and gleaming keyboards. Scrumptious brass accents infuse the harmonics with tight braying colors, as PicStitch’s smooth, evocative tones infuse the lyrics with tantalizing textures. The low-slung flow of the tune undulates on a fat bassline and crunching drums.

PicStitch’s vocal flow exudes a palpable passion, along with stylish sensual washes of melodicism. When the harmonics drop to lower levels, the song assumes a soft ambiance pregnant with haunting surfaces, indulgent and supple, glowing with nuance savors.

“Don Dadda,” described as “dancehall gangsta inna rude bwoy style,” travels on lustrous horns atop a roots reggae melody rife with a contagious teeter-tottering roll driven by the guitars and wonderfully simple keyboards, giving the song a captivating movement hard to resist. Antiphonal timbres from the trumpets and trombones inject the brassy colors with tasty back and forth eloquence, adding to the music’s deliciously persuasive cascade.

On “Don Dadda,” PicStitch’s vocals deliver tasty tremolo vibes, which give the lyrics a velvety toasting feel. The combination of PicStitch’s easy-to-listen-to voice and the counterpoint harmonies bathes the song in polished exquisite tangs.

Both “Don Dadda” and “Ram Dancehall” provide the indispensable regular pop of percussion and the flecked tones of the organ, as well as PicStitch’s bravura low tropical-flavored voice. The result is unpretentious, yummy music dispensing cashmere surges of marvelously pleasing soundscapes.

PicStitch definitely has it going on, generating grand roots reggae awash in cool waves of pressure, sound, and chill.

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