SoCal tattoo artist and designer Dillon Forte recently introduced his new line of eco-friendly tattoo products – Forte Tattoo Tech. Specifically designed for professional tattoo artists all the materials are environmentally congruent.

According to Forte, “Most products used in our industry are disposable and made from plastic or other petroleum products. Each time we toss something in the trash, there’s a bit of guilt. Something needs to change.”

During the developmental stage, Forte confronted a variety of obstacles. Rather than give up, Forte took on the daunting task of detailed research to discover source materials for the purpose of tattooing, which at the same time would not deliver a negative impact on the environment. The components utilized in his Eco Razors, Eco Cling, PLA ink caps, cord sleeves, bottle bags, rinse cups, theurgy salves, Eco Pens, and clip cord sleeves are sourced from all-plant fiber biodegradable alternatives, including sugar cane, hemp, paper, and bamboo.

Renowned for his Sacred Geometry style of tattooing, Forte designs and creates harmonious flowing tattoos. Currently working out of his studio Sri Yantra, in Venice and Oakland, California, Forte specializes in intricate geometric patterns, black and dot tattoos, and canvas art.

Along with working out of his own studios in California, Forte has tattooed in international locations, such as Mount Everest and an Egyptian pyramid. Since opening his first Sri Yantra Tattoo in Oakland, Forte has developed an incredible online following and high-profile, international client base, as well as a year-long waiting list of new clients. Forte’s clients include Usher, Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons fame, Chris Hemsworth, and Kat Von D.

Forte is also an avid photographer; his other interests include painting, fashion/tech design, murals, and gallery exhibitions, along with his business ventures. Forte is available by appointment only and has other artists on staff, along with bringing in celebrity guest tattooists.

Dillon Forte Social Links: Studio | Instagram | Forte Tattoo Tech

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