Moments ago, SoCal producer Rad Cat, aka Christian Ariza, released his EP, Love & Illusions, featuring Dutch Melrose.

Explaining the EP, Rad Cat says, “Heartbreak is no joke and it really hit me hard last year. Anger, deception, betrayal, and most of all sadness really took over me for a while. I wanted to channel all that energy into a creative medium and with the help of my homie Dutch Melrose, the ‘Love And Illusions’ EP was born.”

Rad CatA first-generation Mexican-American, Rad Cat’s musical genesis occurred when he was 12-years-old, as soon as he picked up his first electric guitar, a Fender Starcaster, followed by succumbing to the allure of electronic music. Not long after, enveloped by technology, his innate curiosity led him into the specialized aspects of production, followed by the transition to a professional producer.

Since then, he’s accumulated millions of streams on his tracks, official remixes, and production remix credits with artists such as Blackbear, Enrique Iglesias, Kevin Gates, Mike Posner, and T-Pain, along with others. As he developed his unique sound, a blend of futurepop, R&B, electro-pop, and hip-hop, he came to the attention of major labels, signing remixes with Sony Music and Universal Music.

In 2017, he made his live debut on the main stage of CRSSD Festival in San Diego, performing for an audience of 20,000+. Last year, Rad Cat began focusing on his solo career, resulting in Love & Illusions, which mirrors his expanding aesthetic.

Rad CatLove & Illusions encompasses three-tracks, beginning with “How Could I,” opening on shimmering colors atop a potent kick-drum flowing into a vibrant melody composed of dance, emo-hip-hop, and velvety R&B flavors. The yummy falsetto of Dutch Melrose infuses the lyrics with intense timbres of aching tones.

“Gone Hollywood” travels on oozing muscular surface hues, riding oscillating, psychedelic colors, as Melrose’s deluxe, creamy tones imbue the tune with delicious layers of proximate regret. “Promise” features a softy glowing soundscape, rife with haunting harmonies, and Melrose’s tantalizing voice gliding lusciously overhead, full of sad nostalgia and heartrending ambiance.

On Love & Illusions, Rad Cat delivers singular intimacy and vulnerability, all crowned by the delectably eloquent voice of Dutch Melrose.

Rad Cat Social Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud

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