It has been a year since we talked to Brian Welch, a.k.a. “Head” of Korn about his documentary film “LOUD KRAZY LOVE“, his faith, and all things Head. We had the awesome opportunity to see a pre-screening aboard the ShipRocked rock and metal cruise. Head not only showed the film but did a Q and A afterward with fans and peers in the music business. The crowd included Jacoby Shaddix, lead vocalist of Papa Roach and Mikey Carvajal of Islander, who both asked questions and showed their respect and love for Brian.

That movie changed my life. It is raw on so many levels that it left me speechless, hopeful, sad, happy, moved, and so much more. It touched my soul in ways I cannot explain. But a huge part of that movie is what helped me to become a believer in Jesus Christ. I always said if we talked to Head again (after our last interview filmed shortly after the screening) that it will be because of God. Well Glory to God… it happened.  Wes “Rockwell” Anderson and I had a chance to re-visit the movie with Brian, see Korn headline a show while touring with Breaking Benjamin, and talk off-camera about our walk with Christ.

A huge shout out to Korn, all the behind the scenes people, and above all God for making all things happen.

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