Alt-pop duo 12xPretty premieres the music video for “Miserable Machines,” a track from their self-titled debut album.

Produced by Ron Thaler and recorded in British Columbia at Electric City Sound, the album reflects futuristic Asimov-like soundscapes chockfull of dark electro-pop energy mirroring the complex chasm amid disenchantment and anticipation, purity and corruption, grief and joy, all within a surreal environment bordering on the phantasmagoric.

Flitting back and forth between Victoria, B.C., and Los Angeles, 12xPretty is made up of Remy Remy (vocals), and Danny Import (multi-instrumentalist). 12xPretty’s sound occupies a sonic zone sandwiched by Joji and Post Malone, an expansive pop sound both elusively familiar and simultaneously experimental and neoteric.

Explaining their sound, Remy says, “The music is intended for the sleepwalkers yearning to wake up. Not unlike ourselves, who are simultaneously participating in the modern climate while exposing the depravity of it all.”

“Miserable Machines” opens on gleaming quasi-industrial tones, darkly gleaming, riding a throbbing rhythm topped by rippling, glowing surface colors. Simultaneously shadowy and luminous, the harmonics exude ghostly visceral energy, like peering into the future through a portal, as well as elegance and cool panache. It’s a delicious amalgam of dream-pop, futurepop, hip-hop, and hints of bare industrial-pop into alluringly suffusing music.

The mood of “Miserable Machines” is nuanced and intricate, exuding hypnotic filaments, along with a substratum of imminence and foreboding. Exquisitely subtle textures, crowned by the haunting, almost beguiling voice of Remy, combine to form music rife with sound, pressure, and chill.

The video is a trip, beginning the image of a many-legged golden queen wearing a snake around her neck, to the Lord of the Flies-like rise of two young boys to defend and free themselves from the brutal, abusive tyranny of an obtuse macho male.

“Miserable Machines” is excellent, pushing out ultra-modern cutting edge harmonics, an infectious rhythm, and Remy’s posh, polished tones.

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