Originally from Lima, Peru, and now living in the U.S., folk-rock artist Brown Kid, aka Eduardo, recently released “Sunrise,” a track from his Sessions at Sound Wall Studios EP.

Touring throughout the U.S., Brown Kid has performed, recorded, and collaborated with a variety of artists across a wide range of musical styles. In 2018, he dropped his six-track EP, Rusty Strings, nominated by Toronto’s Independent Music Awards and featured in national media outlets, such as Stereo Stickman, Music Existence, and Americana Rhythm Music Magazine.

“La Farra,” a track from Rusty Strings, took the top prize on Radio Airplay’s Summer Song Content. Gas House Radio described “La Farra,” saying, “’La Farra’ is extraordinarily propulsive given the acoustic foundations of the tune and the tight, popping quality of the guitar work never falters while maintaining an impressive pace. Brown Kid’s voice is pleasing without ever being technically gifted and strikes an immensely likable stance for listeners.”

With his distinctive sound, blending elements of tropical savors, surf rock, folk-rock, hip-hop, and reggae, Brown Kid frequently performs for charitable organizations, including Relay for Life and the March of Dimes.

“Sunrise” opens on a Latin-flavored acoustic guitar exuding tropical savors and hints of reggae, as velvety strings glide smoothly across the backdrop, infusing the tune with creamy textures. Sparkling colors, along with the symphonic glow of the strings, imbue the tune with charming anticipation of the sun’s appearance on the eastern horizon.

Brown Kid’s voice, flavored with gentle, dulcet tones, gives the lyrics deliciously tantalizing timbres of stimulating expectation, both intimate and optimistic as a new day dawns.

“End of a story / Another’s begun / Everything’s changing / Will it ever be done / Another wave crashing / And it’s taking me / Away again / Circle it back now / And start from the beginning, yeah / Waiting for the sunrise / Waiting for the sunrise.”

With “Sunrise,” Brown Kid delivers cashmere layers of sonic beauty traveling on a soft undulating rhythm, topped by his entrancing voice.

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