Alt-metal outfit Fervence recently released their debut album, Ghost.

Commenting on the album, the band shares, “Our debut album ‘Ghost’ is a dialogue on the greater thoughts of what lies beyond the pale, the idea of life again, and the tragic way of contemplating everything in between. The album also delves into the duality of personal value, relationships, toxicity, and what it feels like to be human.”

Hailing from Salt Lake and Reno, Fervence is made up of Austin Bentley (vocals), Trent Odneal (guitar), Josh Mathis (drums), and Jon Daniels (bass). Formed in 2017, the band’s lineup comprises former members of Walk Away Alpha, Machines of Man, and Cyborg Octopus, while their sound encompasses both melodic and visceral elements.

Consisting of seven-tracks, Ghost begins with “Beneath the Sleeping Earth,” opening on gentle, almost elegant guitars flowing on dreamy layers. The song mousses up to searing, muscular guitars riding thundering double-bass drums and taut percussion, along with a stuttering fat bassline. Glistening melodic vocals imbue the tune with soaring hues, followed by elevating to deliciously powerful howls.

From a purely subjective viewpoint, entry points include “Corrosion,” traveling on swirling industrial coloration, followed by incandescent guitars on blast-beats. As the song takes shape, melodic flows punctuate the melody with sweeping washes of shimmering sound. Bentley’s voice, tight and persuasive, injects the lyrics with tantalizing gliding tides of smooth sound.

“Paxism” rides thundering guitars exuding blistering energy, as Bentley’s demonic tones infuse the initial lyrics with galvanizing textures. As the song shifts, taking on symphonic metal savors, his voice becomes almost tender and melodic, prior to surging back up to rasping, edgy timbres.

The title track provides pervasive dark resonance and smoldering shades of dynamic streaming currents, glowing with actinic radiance. This is my favorite track on the album because of its measured flow and silky, black burning-laced strata. Daniels’ work on the double-bass drums is finessed and marvelously employed.

Candidly, all the tracks on Ghost are superbly put together, emanating thick, hefty waves of metal momentum, as well as tasty expansive vocals.

Fervence Social Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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