Renowned international tattoo artist Dillon Forte recently hooked up with Toronto-based Inkbox to release a cool assortment of “For Now Ink™” tattoos, including eight tattoos created by Dillon Forte. The tattoos may be shipped anywhere across the globe and put on at home. After application, which is accomplished in one to two minutes, each tattoo endures for one to two weeks.

Dillon ForteInkbox’s unique tattoos allow aficionados the opportunity to wear distinctive designs without irreversible commitment. Inkbox’s patented, exclusive technology is fashioned so the tattoos appear permanent, but slowly vanish as the wearer’s skin regenerates. The components of the tattoos are skin-safe and non-toxic, derived from fruit in South Africa, where it’s been utilized for centuries in decorative body art.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to partner with such a killer brand like Inkbox” says Forte. “They are doing some dope things with their technology and appreciate how they take it back to basics with their natural ingredients. I hope you all can check out a pack and try one on for yourself.”

Along with Dillon Forte, Inkbox has affiliated with other notable tattoo artists, celebrities, and brands throughout the world, including Post Malone, Adult Swim, Marc Bonin, Sleestak, Cartoon Network, and Grace Neutral.

Dillon ForteForte, celebrated for his inimitable style of Sacred Geometry, blackwork and dotwork tattoos, operates out of his Sri Yantra Tattoo studios in Oakland, California and Venice, California. His elite designs comprehend the body holistically, creating balanced patterns flowing flawlessly on the skin. Forte’s clients include Usher, Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons fame, Chris Hemsworth, and Kat Von D.

Last month, Dillon Forte unveiled Forte Tattoo Tech, a line of bio-degradable tattoo products for artists around the world, setting the stage for eco-friendly tattoo supplies.

Dillon Forte Social Links: Inkbox | Studio | Instagram | Forte Tattoo Tech

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