Tattoos are a way to express yourself, and they’re also a way to mark the style of the time. Like fashion, tattoo trends come and go. Some are in fashion for years, becoming classic designs that tattoo lovers appreciate for decades to come. Others come and go, making a mark on the evolution of tattoo fashion. 

In this day and age, it’s easy to stop a few different tattoo trends taking shape. While it’s important to find a tattoo design that speaks to you, knowing some of the latest trends and styles is a great way to find inspiration. In this guide, we’ll explore 5 evolving tattoo trends for men in 2020. 

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1. Irish Tattoos

Irish tattoos go back through centuries, relying on patterns and symbols that date back to Celtic times. Irish tattoos are easy to spot, though they’re also customizable depending on the wishes of the wearer. 

Common Irish tattoos include shamrocks, harps, and the Celtic cross. Irish tattoos utilize a lot of natural and symbolic imagery, giving these designs a rich history of meaning. Take a look at this Irish & Celtic tattoo guide for more inspiration. 

2. Modern Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have been popular for years now, but this new twist is giving them new life. These tattoo designs rely upon centuries of history, culture, and tradition. They’re the ideal choice for men since tattoos were traditionally a way for men in Native American tribes to assert their masculinity and power. 

Today, these tattoos are making a bold statement. Modern lines, minimalist shapes, and more are affecting the way these tribal tattoos look in 2020. A modern tribal tattoo is a perfect balance between old and new. 

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3. Flower Tattoos

While flower tattoos might seem feminine, these tattoo designs are anything but. Striking, modern floral designs are making a huge comeback with men’s designs today. 

Not only are they easy to customize, but each flower has its own unique language to communicate something about the individual. There is a rich language of flowers that makes this an exciting option for anyone looking to express themselves with body ink. 

4. Line Art

Sometimes a cool tattoo is just that — a cool tattoo. There doesn’t always need to be a rich culture of meaning and history behind the design, and that’s totally okay. 

Line art is another modern design style that’s very popular with men right now. It’s exactly as it sounds. A collection of lines and shapes that proves there is such a thing as style over substance. 

5. Hand Tattoos

Last but not least, we’ve arrived at one of the most popular places to get a tattoo today. While this isn’t a style, it is definitely an evolving trend. 

While hand tattoos didn’t use to be very common, the acceptance of tattoos and body art in pop culture is changing this slowly. Inking up your hands with simple (or complex) designs is the new normal. Just be sure you’re ready for some intense pain!

Find the Latest Trends

Tattoo trends come and go. If you find something you love, don’t worry about whether it’s “in fashion” at the moment. It’s all about knowing the tattoo design has meaning to you. 

From line art to Irish tattoos, these are the latest and greatest trends of today. Which styles stand out the most to you?

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