Head Fake recently released a five-track collection of ’80s-flavored music, entitled EP2.

The band’s genesis grew out of a late-night jam session in New Jersey when James and Michael got together in Michael’s studio. After hooking up with the honcho of Neurodisc/Global Heist Recordings, Tom O’Keefe, the duo added producer Ivan to the lineup, forming a trio.

Based in Miami, Ivan shapes the band’s music, while James (vocals, composer, bass), who resides in London delivers stellar vocal tones, and New Jersey-based Michael (multi-instrumentalist, composer) fills in the sonic gaps.

Recorded in London, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Miami, EP2 conjures up the heady sounds and coruscating dynamics of the ‘80s tinted with modern alternative savors from pop and country.

The EP starts off with “Cigarette,” opening on sparkling colors, followed by dark coloration topped by new wave-flavored vocals reminiscent of Depeche Mode. Rhythmic keyboards imbue the tune with a rolling cadence, as searing guitars seethe overhead.

“Song For Daughters” features new wave streams of energy mixed with hints of country relish. A crashing rhythm supports the gleaming harmonics, as the gentle, warm vocals infuse the lyrics with quixotic tenderness. I love the sweep of wistful strings, providing the tune with soft, creamy textures.

“I’m Found” opens on trembling synths supporting distant, almost ghostly vocal timbres, as the melody blends new wave alt-pop and country elements. A braying organ and crisp rhythm give the music almost gospel-like layers of pigmentation.

“2 A.M.” delivers glistening guitars, while remote layers of vocalizations imbue the lyrics with light and dark tones. The final track, “Overloved” rides heady new wave undulations, as shimmering synths pulse out luminous colors. When dirty guitar flavors enter, the song takes on surging dynamics.

Wonderfully wrought, on EP2, Head Fake blends delicious retro flavors, contagious rhythmic flows, and charming, velvety vocals into superb music.

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