Vancouver folk-rock/alternative artist D.G. Adams recently released a new single, entitled “Dangerous,” a track from his forthcoming full-length album Nexxt!

Talking about the song, Adams says, “’Dangerous’ was written before the pandemic hit. I was thinking about environmental and societal degradation, particularly that caused by the current POTUS and his flunkies. Then came Covid-19 and suddenly the song seemed so apropos, and releasing it became much more urgent.”

Well-known in acting circles, where he goes by Donald Adams, D.G. Adams is an accomplished classically-trained actor and teacher of Shakespeare. Performing in films, television, and on the stage, Adams’ career has spanned 33-years.

However, at the age of fifteen, he began writing music and lyrics, only sharing his songs with close friends. Then in 2000, at Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver, he came across Torquil Campbell, who plays in Stars. After listening to one of Adams’ songs backstage, Campbell said, “Donny, it’s so great when your friends don’t suck at stuff!”

Galvanized by Campbell’s praise, Adams continued writing and recording his music. In 2011, he decided to take the next step – record an album, Feminine Endings, a Shakespearean reference referring to the unstressed syllable in a line of iambic pentameter.

He followed with 2014’s Vajra, and then released The Old Heart, produced by Torquil Campbell in 2017. The Old Heart garnered vast praise, leading to the release of Nest Of Vipers in 2019, amassing an explosion of compliments.

Adams still appears in movies and on television, along with acting and directing for theatre, yet his primary creative pursuit now is music – asserting music is one thing without “he could not live.”

“Dangerous” opens on a searing blues-flavored guitar flowing into a tasty alt-rock melody imbued with hints of folk-rock. A sleazy rhythm guitar infuses the harmonics with low-slung scratchy textures, both resonant and scrumptious. Blistering guitar licks add scorching flavors to the tune.

Adams’ relaxed tenor, smooth and velvety, injects the lyrics with sensuously ominous tones, giving the song imminent urgency.

“But don’t you forget / To cast the devil out.”

The ending of “Dangerous” is not to be missed: creamy, crystalline female voices sing out a cappella, “D, d, d, dangerous.” D. G. Adams has it going on!

D. G. Adams Social Links: Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

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