The Nashville collaborative project The Frst introduces their new single, “Tarantino,” from their forthcoming debut album, Prelude, slated to drop later this year.

Produced by Steve Hardy (Jay Z, Alisha Keys) and Andy VanDette (David Bowie, The Beastie Boys), the album merges surging elements of rock, pop, and hip-hop into a contagious sonic concoction. Along with “Tarantino,” The Frst are launching their new Augmented Reality App, allowing fans access to behind the scenes video, bloopers, and exclusive content.

Fronted by Mikei Gray, who, after years as a celebrated live rock guitarist sharing the stage with artists such as Portugal, The Man, The Florida-Georgia Line, and Sublime with Rome, decided to form a unique project in 2017.

Mikei explains, “Freedom and fun were the goals with this project, so as a mission statement there is no I in The Frst.”

Since then, the band has amassed beaucoup international awareness, pumping out infectious rock anthems like “Another One” and “Ammo,” which topped Souncloud’s USA New & Hot Rock USA Chart.

The Frst’s revolving troupe of producers and musicians includes Andrew Leahey, Nathan Cogan (Taking Back Sunday), Steve Hardy, and Justin Smith.

“Tarantino” opens on smooth undulating jangly guitar flavors atop a potent rhythm composed of a fat rolling bassline and tight percussion. On the chorus, the guitars ramp up to surging alt-rock textures rife with grungy energy.

Mikei’s vocals shift from velvety melodicism to rap-lite flows, infusing the lyrics with contrasting surfaces. Radiant backing harmonies imbue the tune with glowing depth and dimension, emphasizing the delicious sonic pressure of the song.

A yummy breakdown featuring glistening guitars and Jovian drums modifies the harmonics with a luminous, dazzling feel, and then transitions to hefty wall-of-sound muscularity, giving the song a grandly dominant climax.

“Tarantino” has it all: swelling harmonic shifts, rippling waves of guitars, compelling rhythmic dynamics, and luscious multi-hued vocal layers.

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