Las Vegas-based alternative pop-rock outfit Sprockets recently released their new EP, Self Made.

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Sprockets is made up of Brodie Knight Sawyer (lead vocals, guitar), Jesse Magana (lead guitar), Brave Dave Schwaller (vocals, bass), and Matty DeCarlo (drums), the band’s previous releases include Sympathetic Addictions, Screaming Over Car Alarms, Medicated Empty, Prologue, and Armageddon Pigments.

Sprockets’ music has received vast airplay, including internet radio and college radio stations. The band has toured throughout the West Coast, and deep into the Southwestern U.S., sharing the stage with Mediam, Safety Suit, Critical Bill, Friday Night Gunfight, Knock Me Down, Kaddisfly, and On the Last Day.

Citing influences from bands such as Deftones, Thrice, Papa Roach, and Blink182, Sprockets’ genesis occurred in Junior High, where Brodie and Brave Dave hooked up and became “attached at the hip.” Every band they played in embraced both of them. Later, when they met drummer Hollywood, Sprockets took shape, becoming reality.

With four tracks, Self Made starts off with the title track, opening on rolling drums flowing into a pop-punk flavored tune full of dirty growling guitars. The punch of the guitars makes a palpable impact, as Brodie’s rasping voice infuses the lyrics with sk8ter punk textures. A sizzling guitar solo sets the tune of fire, blistering the atmosphere with delicious licks.

“Graffiti,” featuring Jesse Lawson, delivers a cool intro shaped by rumbling drums, followed by segueing to gleaming metallic-flavored guitars pushing out a contagious pop-punk melody. A driving, hefty rhythm bathes the music in layers of oomph, as Brodie’s wonderfully insistent voice fills the lyrics with badass timbres.

“Neon Alley” takes thing down, featuring a laid-back yet tender opening refrain. Then the guitars muscle-up on surging tones, as a plump bassline injects pummeling vibes and the drums add tight pops. Radiant vocal harmonies infuse the song with resonance and sonorous tones.

“Romantic As Hell” commences on dark, dirty colors leading to full-bore stuttering guitars and throbbing percussion. Racing forward on dazzling double-bass drum thumps, this song flat-out boils with flooding energy.

Sprockets serve up grand pop-rock, seething with pop-punk savors, potent rhythms, and tantalizing guitars gushing platinum torrents of momentum.

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