So you’ve got a tattoo that you hate. Hey, don’t beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us. Why not go for round two with Kamil Mocet? Mocet is a coverup specialist who takes it upon himself to tackle to most difficult tattoos imaginable. Got an enormous black monstrosity that needs to go and have been turned away by every artist in your town? That’s just another Tuesday for Mocet. He’s whipped up a specialized coverup technique that gives the client an amazing piece and completely camouflages the first design. Not convinced? Well, sit down and watch him do his magic! And if you have a tattoo style that you want us to cover in a future episode, let us know in the comments!

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You can book an appointment for a coverup of your own at:
High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles
Hustlers Parlour in NYC

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