Review by John Bear  |   ROCKwell UnScene Magazine

PRIMAL FEAR, the band who proclaimed “Metal is Forever,” return with this monstrous epic of an album that is part Priest, part Helloween. It’s also a record which sees PRIMAL FEAR return to their first label Nuclear Blast.

This band have never made a bad record over the years, but this one’s a bit special. The lead single ‘Along Came The Devil‘ is a future metal classic in the making that is driving and melodic, and will be in your head for days. Other high points are ‘I Am Alive’ and ‘Raise Your Fists’ – both of these tracks see the band in rude metal health. Streets ahead of their power-metal rivals, this album has everything a fan could want and more. The real surprise comes with the final track ‘Infinity‘ – a 13 minute epic with twist after twist that refuses to end without ever getting tiresome. ‘Metal Commando‘ is ‘power metal’ at it’s best and demands your attention – YOU NEED THIS ALBUM! 10/10

‘Metal Commando’ Tracking:

  • I Am Alive
  • Along Came The Devil
  • Halo
  • Hear Me Calling
  • My Name Is Fear
  • I Will Be Gone
  • Raise Your Fists
  • Howl Of The Banshee
  • Afterlife
  • Infinity

‘Metal Commando’ – Produced by Mat Sinner, mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios add recordings at Backyard Studios, Stuntguitar Music, Fear Studio & Level 10 Music.


Ralf Scheepers – Vocals,
Magnus Karlsson – Guitars,
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars,
Tom Naumann – Guitars,
Michael Ehré – Drums,
Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals

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