Brooklyn-based psych-rock outfit The Sweetheartz of The Psychic Rodeo introduces “I Couldn’t See It,” the first single from their debut album, The Originals via Exeter Park and Love Sick Records.

I Couldn't See ItMade up of singer-songwriters Brady Oh (Vocals, Piano) and Jesse Lent (Vocals, Guitar), who got their start fronting punk, psychedelic, and alt-rock bands in Brooklyn’s burgeoning music scene, formed The Sweetheartz to generate an innovative, inimitable sound all their own.

Their complementary voices and musical chemistry resulted in a songwriting process as smooth as butter, yielding songs of compelling synergy – captivating melodies and alluring harmonies.

Talking about “I Couldn’t See It,” Jesse says, “It’s really a song about privilege and when you’re not sure you deserve certain perks that are hard to resist. While you’re still trying to figure things out, figure yourself out.”

According to Brady, the song’s contagious, almost capricious arrangement was deliberate.

“We wanted to depart from the standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus form while still creating something that reels you in, gives you that strange feeling of nostalgic freshness.”

Opening on shimmering retro-pop tones, imbuing the melody with delicious savors of ‘60s energy akin to The Beatles’ Revolver and the Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle, the highlight of the tune is the dazzling Beach Boys-like harmonies as Brady and Jesse’s sumptuous voices merge into smooth, glistening tones underscored by luminous synths, injecting the tune with lustrous whistling notes.

“Got some things I been going through / Ain’t got nothing to do with you / Ahaha.”

A buoyant, percolating rhythm infuses the song with an infectious groove, upbeat and irresistible. The guitar solo starts out squat and deep, as if introducing surf-rock-laced licks, and then escalates to luscious jangly coloration, giving the harmonics delectable layered surfaces.

Simultaneously tantalizing and exhilarating, “I Couldn’t See It” carries listeners back to the heady days of refreshing psych-pop.

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