Neo-classical rock guitarist Les Fradkin recently released “System Crash,” taken from his album, The Les Fradkin News, a collection of eight-tracks selected from his prophetic debut solo album, Reality: The Rock Opera, written in 2003.

Speaking to the impact of his music, Les says it provides a channel “to get through what we’re all going through now, as a way to get to the other side. From ‘Reality,’ which predicts the ‘fake news’ phenomenon by claiming that reality is whatever you wish it to be, through the more hopeful, ‘Give Peace a Chance’ like vision expressed in ‘Together,’ the songs are presented in the same order as on the original album because the sequence works emotionally. The narrative is the collapse of America from forces unseen, all of which truly fit the current moment. The purpose of these songs is not to stand with the left or right but reflect a view from dead center neutral. It’s not a statement of opinion, but an observation of what’s going on – from 17 years before, it turns out!”

Explaining “System Crash,” Les says”

“It’s written from multiple perspectives – the past, present, and future. An observer in the distant future looking back at the events that hadn’t happened as of the creation of the song and from the perspective of an observer in the present, looking at events that are happening now and that might be happening in the future!”

Les’ clairvoyance is witnessed by his past accomplishments: his “Song of 1,000 Voices,” which altered the Europop soundscape; the introduction of classical instruments to the recording process; his participation in “Beatlemania,” the forefather of the tribute band industry; and his use of MIDI guitar programming, which transformed television music, resulting in his induction into the Television Music Producers Hall of Fame.

“System Crash” opens on classical tones escalating into gleaming, psychedelic-lite coloration topped by smooth, velvety vocals laced with Queen-like vaudeville-rock-opera timbres. A pulsing rhythm infuses the tune with rolling, rumbling dramatic cadences, while glowing harmonies add depth and dimension to the lyrical melodicism.

With “System Crash,” Les Fradkin not only channels a portentous message but does so on deliciously theatrical sonic textures.

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