Following on the heels of his previous hit, “Mexico,” Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist Benny Duhay releases “Bubble Rap,” a Houston slab-flavored tune with smart lyrics.

Born in Tel Aviv, and raised in the City of Angels in SoCal, when Benny first came to the U.S. at age nine, he didn’t speak a lick of English. Adapting rapidly, he began writing poetry and adding beats. In high school, he listened to Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, and Drake, while simultaneously developing his own unique sound.

In college, along with attending classes and participating in track and field, Benny found time to record and perform throughout California. After graduation, he took a short hiatus to reset his mind and reflect on his music. Refreshed, Benny is churning out stylish, innovative hip-hop, bringing the heat with the force and fire of flame thrower.

Where “Mexico” projected a cool, relaxed flow, “Bubble Rap” hits with muscular percolating dynamics and intoxicating lyrics.

“Matter fact, run it back, like I’m Christian McCaff / Somebody call 50, they don’t even know the half.”

“Bubble Rap” opens on swirling, oscillating synths topped by indistinct voices, and then flows into a heavy, thumping trap rhythm as droning, resonant colors glide on edgy sonic timbres. Benny’s flow is tight and tinted with swanky flashes of textures, infusing the lyrics with swaggering, posturing rhyming patterns.

A shimmering yet ringing breakdown, sans the Thor-like throbbing kick-drum, shifts the feel of the harmonics, underscoring Benny’s salty, melodic delivery. Then the tune reverts to its beefy, strident surges of sound as echoing harmonies add skintight dimension.

The highlight of “Bubble Rap” is Benny’s obvious skill at rapping, packing the tune with yummy pacing, pressure, and captivating couplets.

Triple-layered floods of sonic energy give “Bubble Rap” feel-good heft, all capped by the unforgettable flow of Benny Duhay.

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