At the end of September, psych-rock band Starveya released a new single, “Let You In,” which is a must-listen-to track because of its beguiling, phantasmagoric feel.

Speaking about “Let You In,” the band says, It’s “sort of an anti-love song, it is loosely about love and relationships. Not so much about a love lost as it is about a love that never was. Or never was what you thought it to be or dreamt it to be.”

The band’s name – Starveya – is defined as “1) A continuing cycle in which one star carries out its path in the sky only to be replaced by a new star; 2) An image originating from a celestial body that no longer exists but can still be seen from a distance of light-years.”

Based in Los Angeles, Starveya’s sound blends retro ‘60s aromas with the opaque grunge founded in Seattle during the ‘90s. The band’s distinctive mixture of sonic constituents appeared on their EP, Stellar Womb, released in 2013, followed by two standalone singles, 2018’s “Olde Crow,” and this year’s “Moontide.”

At the current juncture, Starveya is in the studio, laying down tracks for their forthcoming full-length album, Abandon All Muses, slated to drop during 2021.

Made up of Aaron Martinez (vocals, guitar, synths), Desi Martinez (guitar, bass, backing vocals), and Kenny Lockwood (drums, bass, backing vocals), Starveya has shared the stage with Peter Distefano’s Hellride, Rusty Anderson, and Geoff Tate, along with being featured on LA Talk Live.

“Let You In” opens on emerging synths flowing into dreamy, sparkling guitars emanating undulating, shimmers of color. Floating on creamy textures, the tune rolls out almost languorously, yet sustains a magical irresistible sonic allure, inviting listeners in with its smooth movement.

Reminiscent of It’s A Beautiful Day, the stream of the music glides and spills deliciously on layers of soft iridescent colors, while Aaron’s lush voice delivers enticing, melancholic timbres backed by radiant harmonies.

Gorgeously wrought and arranged, “Let You In” offers subtle psychedelic washes along with mellow, cashmere vocal tones. This is a grand song.

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