DJ, rapper, producer, and actor Getter, aka Tanner Petulla, who also performs hip-hop under the name Terror Reid, is gearing up to drop his new EP, NAPALM, a six-track collection of electronic music drawing on a variety of stylistic influences, dropping October 30.

As an appetizer for NAPALM, Getter is releasing “BAD ACID,” lifted from the EP. Brash and audacious, “BAD ACID” drips with sonic decomposing effects, including snare-rim taps, handclaps, and a cavernous thumping bassline of Jovian potency.

Ever in the vanguard of creativity, in 2017, Getter unleashed his Shred Collective, which comprises his own record label, a line of clothing, and artist collective, and will encompass decks, collaborations, and videos. lassoed Getter, sat him down, and plied him with questions about how he’s handling the pandemic, how NAPALM came together, and what kind of ink he carries.

Thanks for joining us for this interview. How have you been holding up during the pandemic? Without touring, life’s gotta be a bit.. dull at the moment, right?

Thanks for having me! Honestly, as tragic as the pandemic is, it’s kind of nice to have some time to myself. No travel has cleared my mind SO much. I’ve been working out, skating, and eating right. As soon as it’s all over ima be at the top of my game forreal!

It seems like a lot of artists are taking this time “off” to really hone-in on their style and perhaps try something new. Is that the intent behind your new NAPALM EP?

Yeah.. sort of. NAPALM is just a collection of f*cking crazy stuff I’ve been working on. Definitely more to come as well.

Speak to us about the creative process behind NAPALM. How different or similar was this compared to the rest of the music you’ve released?

NAPALM is also a result of COVID I feel like since there aren’t any shows. The structure of EDM has changed. Instead of making stuff to play out, I’m focusing on making crazy shit to listen to. It’s freeing in a way

Are there any artists that you’re listening to at the moment that are inspiring you?

I am and will always be an old head. Love classic hip-hop/black metal/hardcore. Haven’t listened to much else lately to be honest, haha. I’ve been sort of rinsing stuff I’ve listened to since I was a kid.

Tell us about Shred Collective. What’s the vision there and what’re your plans for growing your brand on that front?

Shred started as a label/collaborative brand and now we are moving toward the skate brand direction. We have BIG plans for 2021: decks, collaborations, pro skaters, videos. Just wait.

Would love to know more about your ink. Which tattoo was your first and which is your favorite?

Oh yeah, I love my tattoos, lol. My first one was on the back of my left calf. It was a gift from my mom for my 18th birthday. It’s this graffiti artist I loved in high school named “GATS” (graffiti against the system). Growing up, I loved graffiti, and seeing the local Bay Area artists swampy and gats all over the Bay Area kinda stuck with me. After that, I pretty much just got really cool art. Then it turned into getting more to cover my stretch marks/psoriasis.

Any specific ideas for new ones you might be thinking of? 

I started a sickkkk mac dre tattoo on my left thigh but then COVID happened and I’m kinda just waiting for the word, haha. Also, gotta finish my left arm, the shoulder is still kinda bare.

Any specific tattoo artists that you’d like to shout-out for our readers to check out? 

YES! Carson Hill, Connie Chang, Abisone (RIP), and his whole crew in Montebello!!!

You’re clearly a talented guy and have a lot of interests and hobbies outside of music. Has music always been the #1 goal for you? What would you be doing if not? 

Honestly, I’d be lying if I said music was my only goal. I want to do it all: music, skating, acting, clothing, everything.

What’s the #1 thing you miss about “normal” pre-COVID life? 

I definitely miss touring. The good beats the bad. Traveling with friends and performing is just so fun. I would love to perform more as Terror Reid, once this is all over too.

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