SoCal folk-rock artist Eric H. F. Law dropped a new album, entitled Better Angels, at the beginning of October.

Speaking to the album’s genesis, Eric shares, “In the 1960s and 1970s, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Joan Boaz and Peter, Paul and Mary provided the soundtrack for a generation of young people who yearned for peace, equality and transformation. I tried to do my part in providing the soundtrack for our struggles today through these songs. Instead of succumbing to the fears that divide us, we can tell our truth, let go of our fears and find serenity and home.”

Produced by Bill Cruse, Better Angels features the talents of Eric H. F. Law (lead vocals), Dan Cole (guitar, musical director), Max Hart (organ, pedal steel guitar), Steve Hass (drums), and Dan Lutz (bass).

Eric began writing songs when he was 14-years-old. Later he became an electrical engineer, followed by becoming a priest in the Episcopal Church, founder of the Kaleidoscope Institute for Diverse and Sustainable Communities, and author of a dozen books. Through it all, music accompanied him.

In 2015, he released his double-album, Cycle of Blessings. After the 2016 presidential election, he started writing songs about the rift occurring in the country. In 2019, he released Up-Side-Down-Town.

Now he’s released Better Angels, which Eric calls, “The Spiritual soundtrack for a fear-filled uncertain world.”

Made up of seven-tracks, Better Angels starts off with “Don’t Be Afraid,” opening on a tight, crunching rhythm topped by a glowing organ. Eric’s voice, smooth and evocative, injects the lyrics with comforting passion. I love the voluptuous guitar accents on this track.

Entry points include “Vicious Circle,” vaguely reminiscent of Eric Clapton’s softer, sentimental music – full of oozing colors, the tasty drawl of the steel guitar, and a plangent organ. A dazzling guitar solo give the song slow-burning incandescence.

The title track recalls the drawling alt-country flavors of Leon Russell. The blush of the organ merged with the wistful steel guitar give the harmonics a gliding feel, dripping with emotional textures. “Out of the Closet” exudes luscious folk-rock savors blended with hints of tantalizing reggae.

“Fill Me With Your Spirit” merges creamy alt-country aromas with gospel-lite hues. The soft luminosity of the organ combined with the drawling steel guitar imbues the tune with gentle layers of mystical tones.

Deliciously wrought, Better Angels rides on velvety washes of color, glossy low-slung textures, all capped by the heartfelt voice of Eric H. F. Law.

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