Oakland, California’s rock/metal outfit Electric Sister dropped “Miss American Vampire” not long ago, via Essential Oil Records.

Made up of Thadeus Gonzales (vocals), Mykill Ziggy (guitar), Eddie Colmenares (drums), Jason Key (guitar), and Nicholas Hernandez (bass), the band attracted immediate attention with the release of their debut album, The Lost Art of Rock & Roll, followed by playing myriad venues up and down the West Coast, sharing the stage with Danko Jones, Zeke, and Lords of Altamont.

Hard Rock Nights described Electric Sister’s sound, calling it, “Dangerous, kick-ass vintage-sounding rock-n-roll …exactly what the world needs right now and Electric Sister delivers in spades.”

Whereas Maximum Metal said, “…this is lead-fisted hard rock played from gutter to sidewalk to mainline ditch and never playing it safe by middle of the road or paint by numbers. Oakland’s Electric Sister jam out a barrel of good times with this debut fist-pumper with enough intensity and top fueled throttle to shake Cali right off the map.”

After a short break, the quintet of raucous rockers, who channel their personal anguish and scars into their music, in the form of high-octane eruptions of sound, is back with “Miss American Vampire.”

“Miss American Vampire” rolls out on thick, hefty guitars pulsing with muscular tones, while Thadeus’ rasping, viciously textured voice infuses the lyrics with grating, fulminating dynamics. Colmenares’ Jovian, walloping drums give the tune rumbling depth and crunching zest, while the flooding guitars sing out with dark, viscous notes, injecting the harmonics with brutal metallic undertones.

Blistering and sneering with Hendrix-like riffs, the guitar solo summons eviscerating ensigns of burning colors, immolating the music with pressure, sound, and visceral biting notes.

Fierce and raw, throbbing with aggressive, wicked clout, with “Miss American Vampire,” Electric Sister redeems the magnetism of hard rock.

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