So-Cal electronic artist and producer Vipid, aka Jerad Simmons, recently released Memories, a nine-track collection of music manifesting the metamorphotic traits of the past.

Vipid explains, “‘Memories’ is an album that draws inspiration from early points in my life. As you look back on memories and recall the way life used to be, it’s often informed by all the things you’ve learned since then. ‘Memories’ really was a way for me to channel those experiences and see them in a new light.”

Comfortably soothing, Vipid’s sound is best describes as chill and atmospheric.

Memories begins with “Home,” a low-slung shimmering tune featuring bright layers of synths interweaving on rippling hues.

Entry points on the album include “Night Tides,” traveling on a potent rhythmic beat topped by gleaming textures of leitmotif patterns rising and ebbing on percolating coloration, mirroring easy tantalizing tones.

“Dawn” commences on futuristic flavors reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and then segues into oozing veneers of slowly swirling sonic pigments, floating on crisp percussion augmented by deep moaning bass tones. The mood of the tune is portentous, revealing the dawning of something new, yet mysterious.

“Internity” rolls out on emerging organic colors, while a low, thrumming guitar builds with latent resonance. A throbbing breakdown, dark and alluring, flows into syncopated pulsing beats as the harmonics overhead radiate hushed energy and momentum.

“Six” features three distinct layers of sound: a vibrating bassline, chiming lustrous tones, and fluctuating accents from the keyboards. Like a music box with rhythmic intervention, the track captivates with its trembling sonic tinctures.

“Lavender Sunset” rides twirling hues, soft and dreamy, followed by the entrance of a powerful rhythm composed of a cavernous bassline and crunching drums. A sparkling breakdown leads to delicious strata of effervescent colors blending in logarithmic spirals.

The final track, “Fracture,” offers a darker topline with glinting wavelets sailing above. Then the tune pauses, followed by stridently aching tones topped by edgier tangs.

With Memories, Vipid generates refined sonic allusions full of opulent washes of atmospheric auras, both hypnotic and tranquil.

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