Renowned tattoo artist Dillon Forte, of California-based Sri Yantra, introduces a new assortment of For Now Ink™  tattoos in partnership with Toronto’s venerable Inkbox.

Speaking to his partnership with Inkbox, Dillon shares, “It’s awesome to continue this growing partnership with Inkbox. They are doing some dope things with their technology and appreciate how they take it back to basics with their natural ingredients. I hope you all can check out some of these new designs and spread the word.”

dillon forteFive new designs have been added to Dillon’s collection of available tattoos, bringing the total up to 30. Worldwide shipping is offered, and once received, the tattoos may be applied in a few minutes. Viable for 1 to 2 weeks, Inkbox’s Dillon Forte tattoos allow fans to display his custom work on their bodies, sans committing to permanency,

Dillon’s tattoos appear permanent but simply vanish over time. Non-toxic, made of skin-safe components derived from South African fruit, the tattoos are completely harmless.

Inkbox’s For Now Ink™ designs encompass more than 4000 patterns, resulting from their strategic alliances with the world’s most famous tattoo creators, including Post Malone, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Adult Swim, Marc Bonin, Grace Neutral, and a host of others.

Dillon Forte’s international status as one of the world’s premier tattoo artists originates from his distinctive employment of Sacred Geometry, blackwork, and dotwork tattooing. Pooling inspiration gathered during his global travels, Dillon’s inkwork fuses his virtuosity with balance and the natural flow of the skin.

Not only a prominent tattoo artist, Dillon also engages in multi-medium artistic expression, including canvas art and sculpture, while simultaneously operating his Sri Yantra Tattoo Studios in Oakland, California, and Venice, California. Part and parcel of his art is his embrace of ecological sustainability, which led him to launch Forte Tattoo Tech, a line of eco-friendly tattoo products. His dazzling technique, as well as his interest in the environment, set in motion features in Entertainment Tonight, Inked Magazine, TMZ, Men’s Health, and My Modern Met.

Dillon Forte’s clients include celebrities, movie stars, sports stars, and rock stars like Kat Von D, Chris Hemsworth, Kehlani, DeAndre Levy, Ben McKee, and Usher. Booked more than a year in advance, demand for Dillon Forte’s gift is endless.

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