Alternative artist jefff, aka Jeff Clark, recently released “Windows,” the second single from his upcoming debut record, My Last CD, via Conch Town Music.

According to jefff, the imminent album is designed to “move your mind and for your ass to follow.”

My Last CD blends funk and tropical rhythms into cool, enchanting songs. He dropped the first single, R U Hip 2, in August, collecting over 200,000 streams almost overnight.

Produced and recorded by Lance Taylor, “Windows” features jefff (keyboards, organ), Neal Evans (drums), and Dan Africano (bass).

Originally from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, jefff began piano at age 7, followed by writing his own songs by the time he turned 13, followed by studying jazz, music theory, history, and philosophy. He fronted the world beat band Entrain, and then moved to Key West, Florida, jamming with Jimmy Buffet, Zach Brown, and G-Love, as well as recording four solo albums.

“Windows” opens on a funky drum shuffle accompanied by a fat, rolling bassline. Vague hints of reggae appear in the skiffing guitar, while jefff’s melodic rap-like flow imbues the lyrics with touches of hip-hop. If that’s not enough, there’s an experimental edge to “Windows,” reminiscent of David Byrne.

The lyrics, flippant and sardonic, reveal jefff’s penchant for lampooning the world with thoughts both humorous on one level, yet scathing on another level.

“We gotta stop making sense now / Before it’s our time to go / So smile politely / And leave you off on the wrong window / I can’t see through this haze / And that’s why it isn’t clear / When windows just keep getting smaller / What are we doing here?”

The solo section infuses the funkified tune with psychedelic colors, merging surreal aspects of present reality with infectious flavors of the fantastic.

Akin to a tasty, tropical jam, “Windows” rides a contagious rhythm topped by the discerning tones of jefff’s delightfully mocking voice.

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