Knoxville, Tennessee-based rock outfit Sonic Fuel released their new single, “Karma,” a song about an outsider’s view of society.

Explaining the song, guitarist/vocalist David Hales, says, “This particular song is a raw, energetic freight train from start to finish. It will resonate with those who have been abused by people in positions of authority with money and/or power. We make no apologies to anyone it may offend.”

Sonic Fuel consists of Chris Robbins (drums), Burton Akers (bass), David Hales (guitar, vocals), and guest guitarist Damon Johnson of Brother Cane, Alice Cooper, and Thin Lizzy. Formed in 2019, by David Hales, Sonic Fuel draws influence from the Foo Fighters, Tonic, Rival Sons, Alter Bridge, and Collective Soul.

The band’s sound merges hefty riffs and dominating power chords with melodic lyricism narrating the experiences of life, including topics such as love, loss, tenacity, and injustice.

“Karma” opens on searing, muscular guitars riding Jovian percussion and a heavy, insistent bassline as Hale’s slightly rasping voice snarls out the lyrics. A thrumming bridge leads the way to the chorus, where the tune assumes thick waves pulsing with wall-of-sound resonance, delivering kick-ass driving energy.

“You know it’s not what you say it’s what you do / And you’re the one who broke the golden rule … Karma’s such a bitch / You know it’s going to find you.”

Johnson’s blistering guitar imbues the track with piercing textures of fulminating tones – on palpable scorching riffs.

I love the rise and fall of the beefy grinding, growling guitars, giving the harmonics an impermeable membrane of pressure and sound. The foundational strength of the tune comes from Robbins’ massive drums, tight and powerful, adding stiff essence, while Akers’ bassline thumps with cavernous, subterranean echoes, thrusting the tempo aggressively forward.

With “Karma,” Sonic Fuel pumps out visceral rock, chock-full of clotted guitars, a swagging rhythm, and David Hale’s ferocious voice.

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