Bay Area alternative outfit Everything But The Everything introduces “The Story,” a retro-flavored track featuring Sophia Prise.

The offspring of Izzy The Gent, a former member of The Frail, Everything But The Everything blends platinum new wave elements with thick alt-rock muscle.

Izzy The Gent grew up in Seaside, California. After his parents took him to see the movie La Bamba, he knew he was destined to play guitar. So he started a band with school friends. Since Izzy didn’t know how to play guitar, his bandmates convinced him playing bass was better, and just like playing guitar.

The band played punk rock music and became a revolving door for guitar players, which left Izzy dissatisfied. He began to drift away from music. Later, his girlfriend, who loved house music, got Izzy hooked on the genre. Not long afterwards, Izzy took off for San Francisco, where he discovered his talent for DJing and promoting.  He started his own company, Roundmusic Presents, and went from success to success.

Once again bitten by the desire to play in a band, he began looking around. The Frail were seeking a bass player. Izzy showed up, strutted his stuff, and was soon part of The Frail.

Eventually, Izzy longed to shape music according to his inner vision.

Izzy explains, “I want to write and mold my own songs. For better or worse, the onus falls on me and I accept everything that comes with it.”

Thus was born Everything But The Everything.

“The Story” opens on visceral guitars projecting heavy new wave textures topping a propelling rhythm made up of a cavernous bassline and crunching percussion. At once strident and mesmerizing, the harmonics thrum on a wall-of-sound misty and intense.

Sophia’s raw, redolent voice delivers riot grrrl timbres merged with wicked femme fatale savors, infusing the lyrics with edgy voluptuous hues.

Everything But The Everything has it going on! Chockfull of cool erotic energy, “The Story” pumps out infectious sonic momentum shaded with sensual menace.

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