Canadian experimental electronic duo Oneo Fakind recently released “The Coniologist,” a track lifted from their new album, The Start of Something.

The Start of Something follows on the heels of the duo’s third LP, The Death of Us, which was released last year during the pandemic.

Formed in 2017, followed by releasing their debut album, Your Secrets Are Safe With Us, whose genesis took place in a flurry of emails and live jamming on subways, on the album Oneo Fakind blended ambient, psychedelic electronica, hip-hop, and trap elements.

In 2018, Oneo Fakind dropped their second album, Friendly Reality Ambush Squad, featuring complex washes of sound.

The latest album, The Start of Something, retains Oneo Fakind’s unique amalgamation of diverse and subtle touches, generating moods replete with nostalgia and warmth, illuminating the inherent beauty of the world subsequent to last year’s darkness and chaos.

The song’s title – “The Coniologist” – is taken from coniology, which is the study “of atmospheric dust and other impurities in the air, as germs, pollen, etc., especially regarding their effect on plant and animal life.”

Opening on swirling logarithmic spirals of color, “The Coniologist” slowly emerges into a thrumming ambient rhythm defined by a thick throbbing tempo topped by gleaming tendrils of colors, aglow with percolating textures and rushing twirls of sonic layers.

Low-slung yet surging with cosmic coloration, “The Coniologist” engenders coruscating, almost lysergic layers, infusing the tune with buoyant brilliance suggestive of the dance of the universe.

The music video utilizes surreal kaleidoscopic colors, textures, and flickering, expanding shapes to deliver a phantasmagoric depiction of the Empyrean. Pregnant with mysterious sonic symbolism, the harmonic strata fuse to become an audio-visual experience akin to whisking through the galaxy sans the restrictions of a physical body, as if pure spirit suspended on transcendental motion.

At once ethereal and tangible, “The Coniologist” hovers, shimmers, and projects scintillating, propelling tinctures of irresistible sound.

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