Composer and producer Aman Jagwani recently released his new single, “This Place,” the title track from his forthcoming sophomore album, slated for release May 21.

Speaking about “This Place,” Aman shares, “This is the title track of the record and is about the pursuit of a ‘better place’ in life, this can be an emotional, mental, physical, intellectual or any kind of place that the listener chooses to relate to. The name of this song and the album is a play on the word displace. This place phonetically sounds similar to displace) so the song is essentially telling the listener to adapt and displace from the place they’re into their better or ideal place. There are a lot of musical references to the theme. In the drum performance, I am constantly displacing the rhythms and motifs. Then in the middle, there is a transition section that displaces a little chunk of the verse melody into a 5/8 time signature. Lastly, the song starts in one key and after the flugelhorn solo displaces to another.”

The genuine feel of the song stems from the recording and production being done at home. The track features vocals by Anubha Kaul, as well as a flugelhorn solo by Milena Casado.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Aman Jagwani not only composes and produces but is a drummer of immense talent, having been awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship in 2018, followed by the Armand Zildjian Percussion Achievement Scholarship in 2019. His studies include drum-set performance and Electronic Production and Design.

This place opens on a dazzling syncopated rhythm topped by smooth, relaxed hues from the delicious flugelhorn. As the bassline enters, dreamy, resonant tones fill the air with sensual auras. Kaul’s lush, evocative voice conjures up memories of Sade blended with Julia Fordham – at once sophisticated and smoldering with sultry timbres.

Aman’s drumming displays not only technical proficiency and finesse, but flair and, most importantly, a gift for knowing what sounds right.

“This Place” offers innovative, deluxe jazz flavors, a complex rhythm, and luscious, erotic vocals. Keep an eye on Aman Jagwani – he’s going places.

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