Sacramento, California-based metal outfit Waves of Distortion dropped Race Against Time a short time ago. It’s a killer album.

Commenting on Race Against Time, the band says, “This album is about being broken down by influences such as addiction, infidelity, or societal. Or feeling broken by our own mortality, insecurity, weaknesses, or self-destructive behaviors. The key to overcoming is the realization that we all feel broken in some way and the pain reminds us that we are more than our foibles. We need to lean on each other for support and work together to raise each other up. To quote C.S. Lewis, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

Made up of Brennen Von Slack (guitar), Josiah Fox (vocals), Glen Evans (bass), and Jonas Wahlstrom (drums), Waves of Distortion’s genesis occurred in 2018, when Brennen’s vision of distorted melodicism merged with droning clean tones transpired.

Contacting bassist Glen Evans, he shared his musical idea. Evans loved it. The two began their search for a drummer. First on their list was Jonas Wahlstrom, who got together for a jam session, which led to the formation of Waves of Distortion.

Drummer Jonas knew a vocalist, Josiah Fox. After attending a rehearsal, Josiah, who initially was doubtful, was all in on the project. Getting to work, the band began writing lyrics and putting together arrangements. In March 2020, Waves of Distortion entered the studio to lay down tracks.

Embracing nine tracks, the album starts off with “R.A.T,” opening on growling guitars topped by Josiah’s ferocious voice, infusing the lyrics with tight, vicious tones. Rumbling drums give the tune potent galloping energy as the guitars churn overhead.

Entry points include “Original Sin,” featuring low-slung dark guitars trickling out on delicious coloration. Chanting inflections imbue the lyrics with sepulchral echoes. On the chorus, the harmonics mousse up, injecting thick viscous textures. Melodic and simultaneously muscular, “Original Sin” displays Waves of Distortion’s superb amalgamation of brawny heft and melodic hues.

“Chemical Dependency” opens on guitar reminiscent of Tool, low, complex, and surging with latent energy. Merging tints of metalcore, hip-hop, and alt-metal, this track hits with gusto. “One Last Goodbye” travels on eerie emerging colors, followed by gathering thick, black trembles of sound on stuttering waves of guitars.

The final track, “Note To Self,” rides glistening yet shadowy guitars supported by excellent finessed drumming from Wahlstrom, giving the rhythm a Chevelle-like flow. Josiah’s searing, grating timbres infuse the lyrics with wickedly tantalizing savors.

Waves of Distortion roll out beefy metallic momentum at once shimmering and symphonic, delivering compressed sonic structures of mythical proportion. Race Against Time is first-rate. Don’t miss this one!

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