Everybody always remembers their first… video game that is! Whether you grew up with Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation or something called a ColecoVision, chances are that you have fond memories of your first video game system. Some people get so pumped up at about their favorite games they get video game tattoos. Our panel of tattoo artists react to tattoos of Yoshi, Grand Theft Auto, CyberPunk 2077 and many other games. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why the hell Yoshi has a machine gun.

Welcome to Season 16 of Tattoo Artists React!

I bet you thought you were going to have to wait months and months for our next season, didn’t you? Nah, brah, we’re pumping out seasons of Tattoo Artists React faster than “Law & Order” creates spinoffs. This time around we’re going to be asking our artists about the hardest spots on the body to tattoo, which styles they wish would come back into style and more. We’re also going to be showing them some of the craziest mugshots on Earth, hear their craziest client stories and so much more.

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Alisha Gory https://www.instagram.com/alishagory/
Anatole https://www.instagram.com/anatolenyc/
Anna Gabrielle https://www.instagram.com/curlsjrtattoos/
Anthony Christian https://www.instagram.com/anthologytattoos/
Bryan Guterrez https://www.instagram.com/bryan.gee/
Cam Pohl https://www.instagram.com/campohltattoos/
Crys https://www.instagram.com/snayke.tattoo/
Deanna Maffeo https://www.instagram.com/deannamaffeo/
Genesis https://www.instagram.com/brujadelbloquee/
Ghinkos https://www.instagram.com/ghinkos
Isaac Pelayo https://www.instagram.com/isaacpelayo/
Jack https://www.instagram.com/jack_deez/
Jack Poohvis https://www.instagram.com/jackpoohvis/
Jake Gordon https://www.instagram.com/handshakesnaketattoos/
Jaz Paulino https://www.instagram.com/gentle_jaz/
Jimmy Inks https://www.instagram.com/jimmyinks/
Joe Smith https://www.instagram.com/tat2joe777/
Johnny Nobody https://www.instagram.com/nobody_tattoos/
Lalo Yunda https://www.instagram.com/lalotattoos/
Lescrow https://www.instagram.com/lescrowtattoo/
Mattia Bretti https://www.instagram.com/mattiabretti/
Melody Mitchell https://www.instagram.com/melodytattoos/
Michelle Santana https://www.instagram.com/mnsantanatattoo/
Nora https://www.instagram.com/nora_ink/
Oba Jackson https://www.instagram.com/omoori/
Pon https://www.instagram.com/ponnyc/
Pony Lawson https://www.instagram.com/ponylawson/
Raphael Ortiz https://www.instagram.com/raphaelortiztattoos/
Ray https://www.instagram.com/ink.ray
Roly T-Rex https://www.instagram.com/roly_tattoos/
Tiffany Perez https://www.instagram.com/tiffanytattooz/

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